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I am involved in work relating to narrative, hypermedia, mobile-learning, inquiry-based learning for interpretative tasks and learning analytics.

Keys: narrative hypermedia

Team: Trevor Collins, , Petr Knoth, Ning Li, Paul Mulholland, Zdenek Zdrahal



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Gooch, D., Husdon, L., Barker, M., Wolff, A. and Petre, M. (2017) Mining a MOOC to examine international views of the 'Smart City', Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE First International Conference on Smart City Innovations (SCI 2017), California, USA

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Wolff, A., Barker, M. and Petre, M. (2017) Creating a Datascape: a game to support communities in using open data, 8th international conference on Communities and Technologies, Troyes, France

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Wolff, A., Gooch, D., Montaner, J., Rashid, U. and Kortuem, G. (2016) Creating an Understanding of Data Literacy for a Data-driven Society, Journal of Community Informatics

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Wolff, A., Valdez, A., Barker, M., Potter, S., Gooch, D., Giles, E. and Miles, J. (2016) Engaging with the Smart City through Urban Data Games, pp. 47 - 66, Springer Singapore

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Hudson, L., Kortuem, G., Wolff, A. and Law, P. (2016) Smart Cities MOOC: teaching citizens how to co-create smart cities, International Conference for ICT for Sustainability 2016, Amsterdam

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