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sofi project full details

Champion: John Domingue
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Participant(s):Dave Lambert, Neil Benn

Timeline:01 Jun 2010 - 31 May 2012



Service Offering for the Future Internet

The goal of SOFI is to complement EU R&D projects in the area of Internet of Services, Software and Virtualisation (Objective 1.2) through specific support activities. SOFI aims to ensure the position of European research as a leader in the definition and realisation of the theoretical and technological foundations of the Future Internet of Services, as well as European industry's competitive advantage in the creation of value and new opportunities from its use. SOFI will build upon and complement the current efforts around the Future Internet Assembly, and particularly the service related working groups, most specifically the Future Internet Service Offer WG (FISO).



20 Dec 2010

John Domingue


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Domingue, J., Galis, A., Gavras, A., Zahariadis, T., Lambert, D., Cleary, F., Daras, P., Krco, S., Muller, H., Schaffers, H., Lotz, V., Alvarez, F., Stiller, B., Karnouskos, S., Avesta, S. and Nilsson, M. (eds.) (2011) The Future Internet: Future Internet Assembly 2011 - Achievements and Technological Promises, Springer

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