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Champion: Paul Mulholland
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Participant(s):Zdenek Zdrahal, Paul Mulholland, Annika Wolff

Timeline:01 Mar 2002 - 30 Apr 2005



True Interactivity for Young Viewers of Virtual Broadcast Content via Intelligent Interfaces

TINY-IN is a two year EPSRC DTI LINK funded project that started in August 2002. Our overall research objective is to investigate how an interactive narrative engine could create coherent and engaging experiences by intelligently recombining content developed for broadcast. As a test case, we are using characters, scenarios and contexts based on the "Tiny Planets" 3D computer animation TV series produced by Pepper's Ghost Productions and shown on Children?s ITV. Through this approach we aim to develop new exciting types of interactive 'television' material that provide a richer experience for young children at a significantly lower production cost.


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Wolff, A., Mulholland, P., Zdrahal, Z. and Joiner, R. (2007) Combining gameplay and narrative techniques to enhance the user experience of viewing galleries, Computers in Entertainment, 5, 1, pp. Article 6, ACM Press

Publications | Visit External Site for Details Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Wolff, A., Mulholland, P., Zdrahal, Z. and Joiner, R. (2007) Re-using digital narrative content in interactive games, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 65, 3, pp. 244-272

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