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PhD Researcher at the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) of the Open University and a member of the Social Data Science group. His research project is aimed at investigating Intersectionality in Hate Speech Detection with a focus on "Misogynoir" - a unique form of misogyny experienced by Black women with the intersection of sexism and racism.

His study explores how misogynoir manifests online and how it could be mitigated since existing technologies for hate speech detection do not address this type of hate and protect Black women accordingly.

His research interests are in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Gender Data Gap, NLP and Hate Speech Detection with a focus on Intersectional hate.

Keys: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Systems, Gender Data Gap, Hate Speech, Misogynoir

Team: Harith Alani, Vaclav Bayer, Tracie Farrell, Miriam Fernandez, Martino Mensio, Angel Pavon Perez, Paula Reyero Lobo, Aisling Third




27 Mar 2024

09 May 2023

29 Jun 2022

26 Apr 2022

08 Mar 2022

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