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springer nature collaboration project full details

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Champion: Enrico Motta
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Participant(s):Francesco Osborne, Angelo Salatino

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Springer Nature Collaboration

Since 2014, the Scholarly Knowledge Modelling team in KMi has been collaborating with Springer Nature, working together to develop innovative solutions that both improve the state of the art in this area and are also shape new business solutions in Springer Nature. This partnership has produced dozens of publications, a variety of novel solutions, a REF Impact Case and has been recognised with numerous awards. A new contract was signed in December 2023, extending the partnership until the end of 2025.

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25 Jan 2024

Enrico Motta

14 Nov 2023

Nancy Pontika

28 Oct 2022

Enrico Motta

23 Feb 2021

Enrico Motta

28 Oct 2016

Allan Third

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