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stellarnet project full details

Champion: Peter Scott
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Participant(s):Fridolin Wild, Alan Fletcher, Thomas Ullmann, Sophie Wise

Timeline:01 Feb 2009 - 31 May 2012



The open network of excellence in technology-enhanced learning.

STELLARNET represents the effort of the leading institutions and projects in European Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) to unify our diverse community.

This Network of Excellence is motivated by the need for European research on TEL to build upon, synergize and extend the valuable work we have started by significantly building capacity in TEL research within Europe, which is required to allow the European Union to achieve its goals via the Bologna Agreement and the execution of the Lisbon Agenda. The European TEL agenda has been set for the last 4 years by the Kaleidoscope network � with a huge strength in pedagogy and scientific excellence, and the Prolearn network � with a complimentary strength in technical and professional excellence. Integrating this excellence and moving on to the higher strategic formation of policy based in leading research is the key challenge for the next stage.

STELLARNET will move beyond the earlier networks by setting a new and critical foresight agenda for Technology Enhanced Learning. The Network will be executed via a series of integration instruments designed to increase the research capacity of European TEL at all levels.

STELLARNET's instruments will act upon the backbone of an interlocking set of 3 Grand Research Challenge actions, themed as Connecting People, Orchestration and Context.

  • Université Joseph Fourier
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Nottingham
  • L3S Research Center - Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • Knowledge Media Research Centre - University of Thuebingen
  • Centre for Social Innovation
  • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • Istituto Tecnologie Didattiche
  • Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche
  • Open University of the Netherlands (CELSTEC)
  • Know Centre
  • University of Freiburg
  • Atos Origin s.a.e


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Meyer, P., Kelle, S., Ullmann, T., Scott, P. and Wild, F. (2013) Interdisciplinary Cohesion of TEL - An Account of Multiple Perspectives, 8th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning Scaling up Learning for Sustained Impact

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Ullmann, T., Wild, F. and Scott, P. (2012) Comparing Automatically Detected Reflective Texts with Human Judgements, Workshop: 2nd Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Technology-Enhanced Learning at 7th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning, Saarbruecken, Germany

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Wild, F. and Sigurdarson, S. (2011) Simulating learning networks in a higher education blogosphere - at scale, 6th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL'11), Palermo, Italy Towards Ubiquitous Learning, eds. Kloos, Gillet, Crespo, Wild, Wolpers, Springer

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Lagatie, R., Wild, F., Causmaecker, P. and Scott, P. (2011) Exposing Knowledge in Speech: Monitoring Conceptual Development in Spoken Conversation, IST-Africa 2011, Gaborone, Botswana IST-Africa 2011 Conference Proceedings, eds. Cunningham & Cunningham

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Mwanza-Simwami, D., Kukulska-Hulme, A., Clough, G., Whitelock, D., Ferguson, R. and Sharples, M. (2011) Alpine Rendez-Vous STELLAR White Paper: Methods and Models of Next Generation Technology Enhanced Learning, Workshop: Methods and models of next generation technology enhanced learning at Alpine Rendezvous 2011, La Clusaz, France

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