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Champion: Kevin Quick
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Participant(s):Kevin Quick, Peter Scott, Alexandra Okada, Elia Tomadaki

Timeline:01 Jan 2004 - 31 Dec 2007



Network of Excellence in Professional E Learning

This work aims to expand professional learners engagement with the best of European Interactive Media research. Corporate training still needs effective competence mapping and performance evaluation tools to support business learners. Indeed, corporate clients actually need the same access as all learners to an ideal portal learning system: ie. that will offer them a tracked experience with a set of 10 Euro learning modules, complete with credits and real interaction with peers, tutors and content; anywhere, anytime. This workpackage doesnt promise to solve that persistent problem on it own - but we do aim to show how interactive media research in Europe can help us in that direction.


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Tomadaki, E. and Scott, P. (2006) Proceedings of the Workshops for the First European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, Crete, Greece, October 1-2, 2006, eds. Elia Tomadaki and Peter J. Scott, kmi Technical report kmi-07-04

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Scott, P., Quick, K., Tomadaki, E. and Linney, J. (2006) Ambient Video Awareness: 'It's Great, but I Still Don't Want It', Workshop: What went wrong with Technology Enhanced Learning at European Conference of Technology Enhanced Learning, Crete, Greece Innovative approaches for learning and knowledge sharing, eds. E. Tomadaki, P. Scott, 213, pp. 207-214, CEUR-WS

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Naeve, A., (2006) CoCoFlash: Conzilla, Confolio, and FlashMeeting Integration for Enhanced, The 6th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT'06), Kerkrade, The Netherlands

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