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Champion: Kevin Quick
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Participant(s):Jon Linney, Peter Scott, Marc Eisenstadt, Linda Castaneda, Alexandra Okada, Fridolin Wild, Alexander Mikroyannidis

Timeline:04 Jul 2003 - 01 Jan 2018


FlashMeeting Technology

The lightest possible video-conferencing software application

Hook-up your web cam, plug in your microphone, go to a web page ...

and the Centre for New Media's FM Technology you to make an instant meeting - any time, any place, any platform! FM technology comes from the prize-winning FlashMeeing Project. It provides a host of features packed into a small applet direct in a web page. As the applet is implemented in using Adobe's Flash, the most widely available and most compatible of browser plugins, it is incredibly lightweight, efficient, good looking, and you probably will not have to download anything extra at all for it to work!


20 Dec 2007

Chris Valentine


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Okada, A., Scott, P. and Mendonca, M. (2015) Effective web videoconferencing for proctoring online oral exams: a case study at scale in Brazil, Open Praxis International Journal, 7, 3, International Council for Open and Distance Education


Okada, A., Serra, A.R.C., Barros, D., Ribeiro, S. and Pinto, S. (2014) Competencias-clave para coaprender y coinvestigar en la era digital en entornos abiertos y massivos, in eds. Alexandra Okada, Open Educational Resources and Social Networks, 2nd edition, 933162227, S. Luis: EDUEMA


Okada, A. (eds.) (2014) Open Educational Resources and Social Networks, 2nd edition, ISBN 9788582270295, S. Luis: EDUEMA

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Okada, A. (2011) Aprendizagem Significativa com Mapas para criancas, 1, 978-85-7769-099-2, pp. 146, Cuiaba: KCM

Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Lagatie, R., Wild, F., Causmaecker, P. and Scott, P. (2011) Exposing Knowledge in Speech: Monitoring Conceptual Development in Spoken Conversation, IST-Africa 2011, Gaborone, Botswana IST-Africa 2011 Conference Proceedings, eds. Cunningham & Cunningham

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