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Liliana Cabral Photograph

Liliana Cabral

Research Fellow

Renata Calonego Photograph

Renata Calonego

Visiting Research Student

Elizabeth Cano Photograph

Elizabeth Cano

Research Associate

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Ivan Cantador Photograph

Ivan Cantador


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Ivan Cantador Gutierrez Photograph

Ivan Cantador Gutierrez

Visiting Senior Lecturer

Stephane Carpenter Photograph

Stephane Carpenter

Software / Data Engineer

Angel Casado Hidalgo Photograph

Angel Casado Hidalgo

Visiting Undergraduate Research Student

Linda Castaneda Photograph

Linda Castaneda

Visiting Researcher

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Dilek Celik Photograph

Dilek Celik

External Consultant

Fatma Chamekh Photograph

Fatma Chamekh

Visiting PhD Research Student

Kwo (aka Lax) Chan Photograph

Kwo (aka Lax) Chan

Research Associate

Aristotelis Charalampous Photograph

Aristotelis Charalampous

Research Assistant

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Ginevra Chelli Photograph

Ginevra Chelli

KMi Clerical Assistant

Agnese Chiatti Photograph

Agnese Chiatti

Research Associate

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Smitashree Choudhury Photograph

Smitashree Choudhury

Research Associate

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Niaz Chowdhury Photograph

Niaz Chowdhury

Research Assoc. for Blockchain Learning Verification

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Sunny Chugh Photograph

Sunny Chugh

Visiting Fellow

Peter Coetzee Photograph

Peter Coetzee


Julien Cojan Photograph

Julien Cojan


Teresa Connolly Photograph

Teresa Connolly

Project Officer

Peter Cooke Photograph

Peter Cooke

Data Engineer

Joe Corneli Photograph

Joe Corneli

Ex PhD Research Student

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Andre Luis Correa Photograph

Andre Luis Correa

Visiting Research Student

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Maria Cortes Cediel Photograph

Maria Cortes Cediel

Visiting PhD Student

Renato Cortinovis Photograph

Renato Cortinovis

P-time External PhD Research Student

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Alexandre Marino Costa Photograph

Alexandre Marino Costa

Visiting Researcher

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Raquel Crespo Photograph

Raquel Crespo

Visiting Researcher

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