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Xiang Ma Photograph

Xiang Ma


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Claudia Machado Photograph

Claudia Machado

Visiting PhD Student

Maria Macintyre Photograph

Maria Macintyre

Research Student

Joćo Magalhćes Photograph

Joćo Magalhćes

Visiting Researcher

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Bassem Makni Photograph

Bassem Makni

Research Student

Maria Maleshkova Photograph

Maria Maleshkova

P-time external PhD Research Student

Clara Mancini Photograph

Clara Mancini

Research Fellow

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R Manmatha Photograph

R Manmatha

Visiting Reseacher

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Andrea Mannocci Photograph

Andrea Mannocci

Research Associate

Luis Marco-Ruiz Photograph

Luis Marco-Ruiz

Visiting PhD Student

Carmen Martinez-Cruz Photograph

Carmen Martinez-Cruz

Visiting Researcher

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Lucie Matusova Photograph

Lucie Matusova


Lewis McCann Photograph

Lewis McCann

IT Support

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Rebecca McCormack Photograph

Rebecca McCormack

Clerical Assistant

Izabel Meister Photograph

Izabel Meister


Martin Memmel Photograph

Martin Memmel

Visiting Researcher

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Raquel Menendez Ferreira Photograph

Raquel Menendez Ferreira

Visiting PhD Student

Felice Merra Photograph

Felice Merra

Visiting Research Student

Philip Meyer Photograph

Philip Meyer


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Sandra Miller Photograph

Sandra Miller

Executive Team Assistant

Umar Mir Photograph

Umar Mir

Research Associate

Sergei Misak Photograph

Sergei Misak

Front-End Developer

Rossana Moura Photograph

Rossana Moura

Visiting PhD Student

Liza Mu Photograph

Liza Mu

Visiting Researcher

Christina Myers Photograph

Christina Myers

PhD Research Student

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