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Stanislav Bagley Photograph

Stanislav Bagley

PhD Research Student

Claudio Baldassarre Photograph

Claudio Baldassarre

Research Assistant

Celestina Banjo Photograph

Celestina Banjo

Part-time KMi Clerk

Gianluca Bardaro Photograph

Gianluca Bardaro

Research Associate

Cristian Barladeanu Photograph

Cristian Barladeanu


Rachel Barnett Photograph

Rachel Barnett

Snr. Admin Assistant

Colin Barrett Photograph

Colin Barrett

Training and Support Manager

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Giorgio Basile Photograph

Giorgio Basile

Java Developer

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Emanuele Bastianelli Photograph

Emanuele Bastianelli

Research Associate (Urban Data Mining)

Petr Baxant Photograph

Petr Baxant

Visiting Researcher

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Chloe Bays Photograph

Chloe Bays

Clerical Assistant

Susan Begley Photograph

Susan Begley

Clerical Assistant

Duygu Bektik Photograph

Duygu Bektik

PhD Research Student

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Roxana Belecheanu Photograph

Roxana Belecheanu

Research Fellow

Neil Benn Photograph

Neil Benn

Research Associate

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David Beran Photograph

David Beran

Research Assistant

Gemma Bessant Photograph

Gemma Bessant

MK:Smart PR Associate

Jianfang Bladen-Hovell Photograph

Jianfang Bladen-Hovell

SocialLearn Web Developer

Michal Bohuslavek Photograph

Michal Bohuslavek

Visiting PhD Research Student

David C Bradbury Photograph

David C Bradbury

Research Fellow

Evan Brown Photograph

Evan Brown

PhD Research Student

Jaisha Bruce Photograph

Jaisha Bruce

Senior Administration Assistant

Tony Brush Photograph

Tony Brush

Project Officer

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Simon Buckingham Shum Photograph

Simon Buckingham Shum

Professor of Learning Informatics

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Katja Buelow Photograph

Katja Buelow

Media Systems Programmer

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Gaston Burek Photograph

Gaston Burek

Part Time Student

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